Nick Algar

Ex-director of Playskool Motorsport and ESP Plastics. Father of Luke Algar.

Luke Algar stated the he paid no rent on his premises, yet, a rent claim appeared in the books when the company folded – to his father Nick Algar.

In discussions about the safety and liquidity of the business, Luke had stated that he pays no rent and so his outgoings were minimal and safe. Yet, when the business folded, a charge for £5,383.98 appeared on the books to be settled – to his father Nick Algar's rental company, along with another charge of £51,715.68 directly to his father..

Luke Algar folded his company, claiming monies owed, where the overwhelming majority of money owed was to himself and his father Nick Algar.

The company was folded, with a little over £10,000 in (questionable) outstanding bills owed to it. However, on the books, they claimed £100,000 owed to themselves.

That figure included :-
£51,715.68 to Nick Algar.
£42,813.00 to Luke Algar.
£5,383.98 to Nick Algar's property company.