Luke Algar

Luke Algar, of Crook, County Durham, England is the former director of Playskool Motorsport Ltd.

Responsible for running the company into the ground and leaving customers high and dry. Responsible for multiple failed customer project cars, overcharging, false charging and theft of components.  

Luke Algar charged £3,300 in labour to fit oil and brake lines for a car, didn't complete the work

Having charged £3,300 in labour (not components, purely labour) for fitting oil and brake lines, Luke Algar didn't finish the job (both around 70% completed), with some of the lines actually fraying and falling apart before even being used. 

The work was so poor, that every line needed to be pressure tested to check which were suitable for use.

Luke Algar charged £4,450 for Westfield chassis work that was so poor, the chassis was deemed ‘a loss’ by two independent assessments

After carrying out a claimed 89 of hours work strengthening a Westfield chassis, two independent assessors viewed the work and both agreed that the work was so poor, the chassis could not be used. He had effectively turned a perfectly good chassis into scrap through his inept work and charged over £10,000 in total for the courtesy of doing so.

Luke Algar stated the he paid no rent on his premises, yet, a rent claim appeared in the books when the company folded – to his father Nick Algar.

In discussions about the safety and liquidity of the business, Luke had stated that he pays no rent and so his outgoings were minimal and safe. Yet, when the business folded, a charge for £5,383.98 appeared on the books to be settled – to his father Nick Algar's rental company, along with another charge of £51,715.68 directly to his father..

Luke Algar folded his company, claiming monies owed, where the overwhelming majority of money owed was to himself and his father Nick Algar.

The company was folded, with a little over £10,000 in (questionable) outstanding bills owed to it. However, on the books, they claimed £100,000 owed to themselves.

That figure included :-
£51,715.68 to Nick Algar.
£42,813.00 to Luke Algar.
£5,383.98 to Nick Algar's property company.

Luke Algar increased his hourly rate by over 150% without any discussion, notice or agreement.

Four years into the build of a car (let’s just ignore the fact it took him four years to not even complete the car!) Luke Algar increased the agreed hourly rate over 150% without any notice. He just increased the amount and charged it. When challenged, he threatened to increase it further...